“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.” - Walt Disney

Friday, April 12, 2013

Something Borrowed - And Something New!

Did you notice the newest addition to the page?  Check out the right sidebar for the "Places I've Raced" Interactive Google Map - I think it's pretty cool!  Here's a screen-shot of what the map looks like when you click on the link:

I "borrowed" the idea for the map from a friend who has a travel blog with her road trips mapped out.  I love the idea of visually seeing where I've raced, so I of course had to do one myself!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why I'm Not Dopey (or Goofy or Mickey or Minnie)

Photo credit: RunDisney

So.  I'm not registering for the new Dopey Challenge on Marathon Weekend (5K + 10K + Half + Full).  I never had a desire to go Goofy (Half + Full), so Dopey's definitely too much for me.  Even Mickey (Full) pushed my limit.  But that still leaves Donald (Half) and Minnie (10K) as options, you say!  Which leads me to say something that almost pains me, and as a Disney Park lover that I never dreamed I would:

I reached my runDisney tipping point - and tipped over.

runDisney has priced me out of their races.  And not just that - I feel that the level of service has gone down in the past couple of years, while the prices have skyrocketed (yes, registration cost is a big factor, but so is lodging - especially now that marathon weekend is no longer considered "value" season at the resorts).  The Marathon Weekend races have become overcrowded, and I truly believe that the almighty dollar has finally managed to outpace Disney's legendary customer service - at least when it comes to the runDisney brand.  Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic for "the good old days," but Disney race weekends have lost a little "magic" for me.

Not to say I didn't have to almost physically restrain myself from going into Active yesterday and registering for SOMETHING (especially the Minnie 10K) - the desire was there.  I love racing through the parks, getting Disney bling, and seeing a lot of good friends on race weekends.  I'm already experiencing serious FOMO over that weekend, and I'll be insanely jealous of everyone's beautiful medals.  But I just can't do it next year.  I need a break from the craziness into which Disney races have evolved recently.

So the annual (and regularly semi-annual) runDisney trips for this girl are no more.  The plan is to hopefully be back for Marathon Weekend in 2015, but even that is up in the air (especially if the prices keep increasing at the current rate - ouch!).  In the meantime I'm going to try to plan a non-running trip to WDW (kinda forgot we could do those) during a week where it's not as crowded and we can just enjoy the parks and get some of that magic back.

I haven't updated the tag line or the title block of the blog yet, because I'm just not sure what to put up there.  And it's not just because I'm not participating in Marathon Weekend - I'm not planning to run ANY Disney races in the next year.  Which is saying something considering they've got quite the year coming up!

Q4U: So what do y'all think?  If you've participated in past runDisney events, have you noticed the same changes I have?  Is it keeping you from going back or is the Mouse still getting your running money?  Why or why not?  I'd love to hear your opinions!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'Tis the Season...Training Season!

Yup, spring brings the emails from my Galloway Group saying registration is open for the 2013 training season.  But this year will be slightly different - I'll be registering as a PGL (Pace Group Leader)!  The PGLs from last year are taking a break from running, so they won't be returning and our group needed some new leaders!  So our main group leaders asked me if I'd be interested in taking one of the PGL spots.  I told them I would, but voiced some reservations I had (I'd like to get a little faster, will "only" be training for halfs, plus I'll be out of town 8 weekends during the training season) - just wanted to make sure they knew what they were getting!

Well, either they were ok with my limitations or they were desperate for a warm body - either way they still wanted me!  So I officially registered as a PGL Monday morning and sent out my first group email reminding everyone that registration is open!  I feel very grown up, lol.

I'm definitely going to have to be a little more on top of things this season than I usually am for our weekend runs.  One of the awesome things about being in a training group (besides the company and the camaraderie) was not having to plan out the route - I usually just showed up and followed the masses.  Can't do that now - I'll be one of the ones being followed!  And some mornings I'll have to leave early and put out coolers for the water stops and swing by after the run and pick them up.

Despite the small amount of additional responsibility, I'm really looking forward to starting group  training again - it's amazing how much motivation having the accountability of the group provides  - and it MAKES you get out of bed for those long Saturday morning runs!