“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.” - Walt Disney

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: The Year of Bonus Bling!

As I told y'all a couple times last year, 2012 was designated as my "Year of Bonus Bling."  It wasn't something I planned from the beginning of the year, rather something I just kinda fell into.  So here's a pictorial representation of a year of "Bonus Bling" races!

First: The New Year's Double in Allen, TX.  I ran the New Year's Eve 5K on December 31st, 2011 and the New Years Day 5K on January 1st, 2012.  Since I did both races, I earned a Challenge plate to magnetically mount the two individual medals.  My friend Janice and I did this race series together.

Second: Disney's Coast to Coast Challenge.  I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, FL on January 8th and the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA on January 29th.  By running at least a half marathon on both coasts in the same calendar year, I earned the Coast To Coast Challenge Medal.  My dad and BFF, as well as many of my ROTE friends and I ran these together.

Third: Patriot's Challenge in Williamsburg, VA.  I ran the Fit to Run Fit to Dream 8K on Saturday, May 19th and the Run for the Dream Half Marathon on Sunday, May 20th.  By completing both days I earned the Patriot's Challenge medal.  I ran this race series with my friends Megan, Jen, Katie, Dana, and Laura.

Fourth: The Half It All Challenge in San Francisco, CA.  I ran the San Francisco First Half Marathon on July 31, 2011 and the Second Half Marathon on July 29, 2012.  By running the two halfs in consecutive years I earned the Half It All Challenge Medal (it spins!).  I ran the Second Half with my friend Nancy.

Finally: Rock Encore.  I ran the Rock'n'Roll Dallas Half on March 25th and the Rock'n'Roll San Antonio Half on November 11th.  By running two Rock'n'Roll races in the same calendar year, I earned the Rock Encore Medal.  I ran the R'n'R San Antonio Half with my friend Rachel.

Of course, the year also included two medals not associated with "bonus bling":  my Wounded Warrior 10K medal and my Marine Corps Marathon medal.  Love them both!
Marine Corps Marathon
Wounded Warrior 10K


  1. I really like the Wounded Warrior medal! I'm glad I got to see what it looks like.

  2. What a fabulous collection earned for the year - congrats!