“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.” - Walt Disney

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mountains or Molehills?

With less than a week to go before the Half, still recovering from a very nasty cold, and having just walked a very slow 5 miles yesterday, that old, horrifying, fear is back - what if this year's just going to be a repeat of the last?!?  What if, with this cold still lingering, all the training I've put in over the last 4 months doesn't matter at all, and my mind and willpower can't overcome the limitations that might be imposed on my body if I can't shake this thing?  As I tend to do, I've conjured up all kinds of horrible possibilities that are building on top of the usual pre-race jitters.  So my plan is to spend the rest of the weekend trying to turn the mountains in my mind back into the molehills that they really are...  I'll pour over next weekend's weather forecasts for Orlando, make a lengthy packing list, plan and change my race-day outfit at least half a dozen times, and try to rest, relax, and allow my body to keep recovering.  There's not much else I can do, really.

The countdown to Marathon Weekend has begun!  5 days 'til we leave, and 6 days 'til the race!!!

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