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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Support for the Girls

Guys, sorry about this, but this post is for the ladies - or should I say, for "the girls."  I'm just gonna put this out there - I've got a very large chest.  Even when I'm at a weight that I'm happy with I'm definitely...top heavy, to say the least, lol (can we say 36/38DD?).

So when I took up the high-movement activity that is running I basically figured I was screwed and I'd just have to learn to live with the sway, the jiggle, and the bounce I'd always found in "normal" sports bras...  Then I started reading running magazines and websites and saw new terms like "high impact" and "compression" and running bras - yes, there was just a thing as a running bra - not just a general sports bra.  And it was like the proverbial light bulb over my head turned on.  Duh - I'm not the only one out there with this problem - and manufacturers are listening and producing bras for girls with "big girls."

So I delved into the plethora of online research out there, and picked the brains of my running friends, and purchased the Moving Comfort Fiona bra.  I loved it so much I ended up buying 4 of them.  Talk about support, comfort, and structure all in one - so I wore them for years!  My only complaint?  Not a lot of protection from the whole "headlight" issue.

My next search and round of questions for my friends then addressed that problem and I ended up with two more options - the Moving Comfort Jubralee and the Under Armour Armour Bra.  Both have what the industry calls encapsulation, which is basically a structured cup to help cut down on bounce (and also helps with headlights).  So of course, I ended up buying multiples of both styles.  I still wear my Fionas, but mostly on the treadmill or on a run where I know I won't see many people.

So imagine my pleasure when I was scrolling through Facebook and came across the "How to Pick the Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts" article in Fitbie.  And what are the top two recommended for high-impact activity like running?  My current faves!  Yay!  Seems silly, but it's like a validation of my choices.  So, looking for a new bra?  Searching for something to begin with?  Check out the article and see what might be the best option for your needs.  It's got great info on terms, what to look for, and what's important.

No, they're not cheap, but a running bra is one of those things where you get what you pay for!  And don't forget to always, always, always put on some kind of anti-chafe protection in the cups, the chest band, the straps or anywhere else you might chafe - because if there's anything worse than chafing, it's having to put your everyday bra on over a chafed spot from your running bra - ouch!

Q4U: How did you find your "perfect bra?"  Care to share what it is?  Any recommendations you think I or the other readers should try?


  1. I was a multiple layer kind of gal. Two sports bras, plus a tank with built in shelf bra. Women's Running magazine gave me the chance to test some bras for the well-endowed. Surprisingly, my winning pick was an underwire by Champion. No more uniboob! There is a spread on running bras in the March 2013 issue.

    1. Good to know - I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Get out of my brain! But as you may know, I'm an Enell convert.

  3. THANKYOU!!!! No more wearing two bras at once!!!!